in the beginning…

I hate running. BUT…I have always been vaguely intrigued by the idea of running. It was not until some time a few weeks ago that the thought of being alone with my random thoughts and doing something good for my [very anti-athletic] body became a very frequent subject in my head. I am in love with the idea now and totally freaked out & terrified ready to put it into action. The only thing is….I am lazy. Seriously. I much prefer sitting on my couch wasting time of Facebook or Twitter or StumbleUpon to doing anything remotely physical. I am a homebody and like it that way.

So in an effort to keep myself on track I decided a blog about my transformation from couch potato into runner. 3x a week/3 months. If I still hate running at the end of this I will completely give it up and go back to sitting on my butt but in the meantime, here is my plan:

1. Get running shoes. These are on the top of my list but I am going tomorrow to try some on.

2. Make a killer playlist with all sort of high energy songs to keep a good pace as I run/walk.

3. Buy a very supportive bra…these ladies have a mind of their own.

That is really it. I downloaded this app on my Droid. to keep track of my distance & time. I find if I make too many rules & goals for myself I freak out in my head and jump ship so I am literally just going to click the button on my phone & go. Walk or run (much more walking at first I assume) until I can’t go any further. Heck, I might only make it to the end of the street on the first day and that is okay with me but I WILL be a RUNNER.


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