The backs of my ankles & calves are KILLING me.

Ok, not killing me but hurting really bad, at least.

Today will be my second day out there.. doing my thing. This time I KNOW how to use my app to track my time & distance and I have my playlist all set. Today I shall be moving to the sounds of Katy Perry, Jay Sean, Black Eyed Peas and Keith Urban. The songs I picked add up to about 25 minutes of fantabulously booty-shaking listening pleasure, perfect for my 20 minute routine & 5 minute cool down.

Question to those of you who do this regularly..


One response to “ow.

  • BillC

    About that hydration poll – the correct answer for me is “it depends.” For 30-40 minutes or less I drink before and after. 40 to an hour – if temps are 70 or less, no drink. Over 70, small bottle in a hand or belt pack. Over an hour, definitely bringing a 20 oz. water bottle in a belt pack.

    Your monkeys may vary of course.

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