forced to be lazy.

Okay, not FORCED but almost. In the past 7 days there has only been ONE opportunity that I could should have gone running.


I did not take it either because laundry was beckoning me and the hub is not fond of going to work pantsless. (what a baby. right?)

So I have a question for you today!

What is your bad weather/sick kid/afraid to run in the dark because you live in the sticks where there are no street lights & possible crazies workout?

Yoga? Jumping jacks? A particular DVD? Dancing?

I need some motivation to continue building endurance  while I am unable to get out there & run!

I need motivation because I am pretty sure I heard my butt & thighs cry out in desperation when I sat on them in front of my computer yet again.

They’d appreciate anything at this point.


One response to “forced to be lazy.

  • Rhiannon

    Jillian Michaels has some great* DVD workouts. She incorporates that super effective interval training, so you’re getting a lot of cardio without using expensive, fancy machinery. Or, you could come over this evening, and we could run in the dark in my neighborhood. There are streetlights, and traffic and sidewalks. Any time between 6:30 and 9 is fine with me.

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