slooooow going.

I did as promised & went out first thing Sunday morning and as I was running I kept thinking..


“my time is going to be great! I am running much further distances at a time than ever before [since I started running again, that is]”


But then I got home & figured out that my mile even with all that running is STILL over 15 minutes! How the heck am I still so slow?




How long does it take to get from a 15 minute mile to a 10 minute mile?


I want a 10 minute mile..




So I am struggling a little with being disappointed in myself for that. I feel like I should be improving on my time at this point especially since I am doing more actual running & less walking…do I really walk as fast as I run cause that is really kinda pathetic.



One response to “slooooow going.

  • Rhiannon

    I didn’t really start using any sort of timing device until recently. I’d just try to keep up with Jenn, and when I couldn’t do that, I’d walk a ways. Have you tried doing one of the training regimens like the Couch to 5k? From what I’ve read, the most effective way to decrease your mile time is to do an easy, comfortable run, then a quick, I’m-really-going-to-die short distance run, then a longer, slower run, with rest days in between each run.

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