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growin’ on me..

I look forward to running.


Totally did not expect that.


I messed up big time the past 2 days when I planned to run today due to conflicting scheduled activities yesterday but it turns out I am just losing my mind because my kid’s class was tonight, not last night when I drove there at 5:30 only to be turned away & looked at like I had “idiot” sharpie’d across my face.


Losing your mind is a tricky thing to come to terms with.


I mapped out my next route & it is a little over 4 miles! I am excited to see how I feel going that far & what my time is! I think I have learned to control my breathing well enough to push myself just a bit further and I will be bringing a small bottle of water too. I kinda want to stash a cooler with some water bottles in it in the woods somewhere around my halfway point so I never have to carry a bottle though but then I would worry that someone would find it & pee on all the bottles then put them all back in like they were never touched & I would unknowingly get pee on my lips and freak out over 2 miles from home.


That would suck.