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So I was so excited that after my first time out in my new Vibrams my legs & feet were not sore…so I went again.

Then I was afraid to get out of my bed this morning cause I thought someone had sawed off my feet in the night.

It is only the backs of my ankles that hurt, that’s it.. but holy geeze are they sore.

Sooooo, I did nada yesterday and some squats today & that is IT.

Tomorrow I am aiming to get out first thing in the a.m. before we hit 90 degrees again *gag* and just get it done so that anything I do throughout the rest of the day is just a bonus burn. I am certainly not looking forward to continuing this through the summer before going on the cruise but at the same time I am excited to see how I handle it. I am MOST excited to run a full 5K…start to finish. 🙂

Okay…not really…I am MOST excited to go on vacation but the 5k will get me by until September! I want to be one of the crazies [that I may or may not have made fun of in the past] that runs everyday on vacation. AND…my Vibrams will barely take up any space in my suitcase so I have room for more souvenirs.




The backs of my ankles & calves are KILLING me.

Ok, not killing me but hurting really bad, at least.

Today will be my second day out there.. doing my thing. This time I KNOW how to use my app to track my time & distance and I have my playlist all set. Today I shall be moving to the sounds of Katy Perry, Jay Sean, Black Eyed Peas and Keith Urban. The songs I picked add up to about 25 minutes of fantabulously booty-shaking listening pleasure, perfect for my 20 minute routine & 5 minute cool down.

Question to those of you who do this regularly..