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So I was so excited that after my first time out in my new Vibrams my legs & feet were not sore…so I went again.

Then I was afraid to get out of my bed this morning cause I thought someone had sawed off my feet in the night.

It is only the backs of my ankles that hurt, that’s it.. but holy geeze are they sore.

Sooooo, I did nada yesterday and some squats today & that is IT.

Tomorrow I am aiming to get out first thing in the a.m. before we hit 90 degrees again *gag* and just get it done so that anything I do throughout the rest of the day is just a bonus burn. I am certainly not looking forward to continuing this through the summer before going on the cruise but at the same time I am excited to see how I handle it. I am MOST excited to run a full 5K…start to finish. 🙂

Okay…not really…I am MOST excited to go on vacation but the 5k will get me by until September! I want to be one of the crazies [that I may or may not have made fun of in the past] that runs everyday on vacation. AND…my Vibrams will barely take up any space in my suitcase so I have room for more souvenirs.



bad, bad blogger.

It started a few weeks ago when I went through the worst pain e.v.e.r. Literally. Ever. Child birth was a breeze in comparison to a severely infected wisdom tooth. Had that removed and then tweaked my back then got sick….all that and my running career took a hiatus.

Started back over the weekend thanks to my hub and feeling totally fantastic. Even went out & got some Vibram’s!!! Wore them for yesterday’s walk/run and shockingly I have zero pain in my feet & legs like I thought I would! My ankles were mildly sore last night but today I am 100%! I feel weird in them…like I am running in socks. Weird.

The “big” news now….

Well, I have 2 things that could be considered “big” I guess, one FAR more exciting than the other…

1) Our first 5k is at the end of May!! The hub & I plan to do it together and I want to run the WHOLE thing!! (this is the least exciting but most ambitious of the 2)

2) We booked a cruise for Sept.!!! This will be our first vacation in almost 4 years and I am more excited than words can accurately describe.

So now comes the change in my workout…not only am I working towards a faster mile for the 5k but ALSO to get in [much much much better] shape. A shape other than round. A less lumpy shape. A shape closer to that of say…Jillian Michaels. I am eating tons of fruit and trying to stick to mainly water but I hate, hate, HATE dieting so I am trying to stay away from that term or concept by aiming for healthier foods instead of limiting myself to “X” amount of calories or carbs or fat or whatever each day.

164 days and I’ll be running the deck of a cruise ship :o)

in the beginning…

I hate running. BUT…I have always been vaguely intrigued by the idea of running. It was not until some time a few weeks ago that the thought of being alone with my random thoughts and doing something good for my [very anti-athletic] body became a very frequent subject in my head. I am in love with the idea now and totally freaked out & terrified ready to put it into action. The only thing is….I am lazy. Seriously. I much prefer sitting on my couch wasting time of Facebook or Twitter or StumbleUpon to doing anything remotely physical. I am a homebody and like it that way.

So in an effort to keep myself on track I decided a blog about my transformation from couch potato into runner. 3x a week/3 months. If I still hate running at the end of this I will completely give it up and go back to sitting on my butt but in the meantime, here is my plan:

1. Get running shoes. These are on the top of my list but I am going tomorrow to try some on. http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/products/Five-Fingers-Sprint-Womens.htm

2. Make a killer playlist with all sort of high energy songs to keep a good pace as I run/walk.

3. Buy a very supportive bra…these ladies have a mind of their own.

That is really it. I downloaded this app on my Droid. http://runkeeper.com/home to keep track of my distance & time. I find if I make too many rules & goals for myself I freak out in my head and jump ship so I am literally just going to click the button on my phone & go. Walk or run (much more walking at first I assume) until I can’t go any further. Heck, I might only make it to the end of the street on the first day and that is okay with me but I WILL be a RUNNER.